Small Groups and Bible Studies are one of the foundations of Grace United Methodist Church. Below are the Adult Small Groups and Bible Studies for Fall 2016.

Coming soon…Ignite | 9:15am | FO201 | Jonathan McGee
This group, for young adults ages 18-25, will focus on helping one another grow in faith while learning God’s plan for our lives, as we fellowship and study the Bible together. Please contact Jonathan McGee: for
more information.

Creative Grace | 9:30am | W203 | Leaders Rotate
Through crocheting, knitting and other fiber pursuits, our creations benefit various ministries. (Free instruction available). Contact is Ellie Barnett:

Serendipity | 9:30am | Wesley Room | Tony Buscemi
Come for lively discussion and fellowship as we seek to apply the scripture-based lessons to our lives.
Exploring the Good News | 9:15am | W205 | Dr. Kaz Kawata
Our book study is Biblical Literalism: A Gentile Heresy by Bishop John Shelby Spong. Fellowship at 9:15am; lesson, 9:30am. Contact is Dick Rhorer: or 301-869-9434.

Deep & Wide | 9:15am | Susanna House (Walker Avenue, next to church) | Eydie Searles
Our study is How Did We Get the Bible? We love to have others join our journey which has plentiful discussion, scripture study and an open atmosphere where questions are valued and friendship is genuine. Contact is Eydie Searles: or 301-990-0110.

The Wesleyan Way | 9:30am | W209 | Bev Payne
We are studying Moses: In the Footsteps of the Reluctant Prophet by Adam Hamilton, with videos of Hamilton’s travels exploring sites of Moses’ life. Through history, archaeological data and biblical text, we’ll discover how to turn reluctance into boldness. Coffee and treats provided.