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Our congregation has been involved with the Church World Service Blanket Program for many years. Our church has been helping to keep our neighbors warm by providing blankets to families here in the United States and around the world.

A blanket can provide warmth to a victim of a flood or fire or serve as bedding to a guest in a homeless shelter or be a gift of welcome to a newly arrived refugee or migrant worker.
Last year blankets made a difference in the lives of families living in Colorado’s rugged and rural San Luis Valley. There the nonprofit organization La Puente provides vital resources and services to people in crisis. A shipment of Church World Service (CWS) blankets and CWS hygiene kits were distributed to 50 households and 104 individuals (including 32 veterans) in “the flats”, where temperatures can drop to life-threatening lows and firewood can run out before winter ends.

In 2016, CWS distributed thousands of blankets around the world. In the United States, over 3064 CWS blankets were shipped to 17 states, including 200 heavyweight wool blankets for the members of Sunbury United Methodist Church to distribute throughout central Ohio.

In 2016, your support enabled CWS to ensure that newly arrived refugees, those affected by flooding or fires, homeless shelter guests and migrant workers had much-needed supplies. Your support made an impact in the lives of those recovering from disasters or facing poverty or displacement around the world. Our congregation can be part of an even greater response in 2017. We will reach families fleeing their homes, recovering from disaster and more.

On June 18, offering envelopes will be provided in the bulletins at Grace Church to support the Church World Service Blanket program.

The infographic in the link below shows how your support made an impact.

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