In 1969, Frieda Price organized the Folk Choir, a small choir of eight (8) voices, who sang for the church services with piano & guitar accompaniment.  This group also led the hymn singing for the Song Service held once a month on the first Friday at Asbury Methodist Village.  The evening also included anthems and was led by Bill Devine, who often played his trumpet.

In the fall of 1978, the group had six (6) members – Frieda Price, Vera Orr, Bill & Chloe Devine, Walter Billings and Betty Small.  The group would usually sing melody, with Chloe & Vera harmonizing their own alto part.

In the spring of each year, the Folk Choir sponsored a variety show at Grace in addition to providing the entertainment for the yearly Methodist Men’s Valentine Dinner.

In the 1990’s, Pastor Lou Piel asked Frieda to design the Grace Night at Asbury, a program during the Christmas season, featuring the Folk Choir at Asbury Methodist Village.

In 2002, Frieda retired from directing this group and Yvonne Chase became the director/accompanist for the next year.  The following year Ann Pottieger became the director.  In 2010 at the request of Diane Haines, the Folk Choir was changed to Joyful Voices.  In 2014, Tammy Ripley became the director.  In 2016, the new Director of Music, Debbie Henning, became the director.

Currently, the Joyful Voices is an ensemble for adults and youth who enjoy singing.  They sing once a month at the 9:15 am service and on special occasions during the 11:00am service as well.  Rehearsals are on the first and second Sunday from 12:15 – 1:00pm.  Members are invited to join with the Chancel Choir to sing for special celebrations, such as at Christmas and Easter.  They also help lead the Grace Night at Asbury program during the Christmas season.  Contact: Debbie Henning, director, at, 301-926-8688 ext. 18.