10 Week Series Starts 09/09/20

In God's Time

Wednesday's at 6:30pm

Join us as we begin our new 10 week virtual study based on the book, “In God’s Time” by Dr. Craig Hill.  We will be discussing how the scripture speaks of end times and how it can be framed as a messages of hope;  a message that is needed very much in our world right now. 

Pastor Jim Miller will lead us as we delve further into this weighty topic and invites you to ponder the following: How do these mysterious passages actually convey hope?  How can we apply the future language of scripture to our present day?  Join us as we find out!

Zoom dial-in information
Dial: 301-715-8592
Meeting ID: 832 476 6469
Passcode: 557236

To prepare for each session the recommended reading is provided below :

SESSION 1: Wed, September 9thplease read Chapter 1  |  Video presentation: “Introduction: Are We There Yet?”
SESSION 2: Wed, September 16thplease read Chapter 3, pages 30 – 43  |  Video Presentation: “The History of the Future”
SESSION 3: Wed, September 23rdplease read Chapter 3, pages 44 – 58  |  Video Presentation: “The Covenant of the Future”
SESSION 4: Wed, September 30thplease read Chapter 4, pages 59 – 70  |  Video Presentation: “Apocalypse Then” 
SESSION 5: Wed, October 7thplease read Chapter 4, page 70 – 93  |  Video Presentation: “Between the Testaments”
SESSION 6: Wed, October 14thplease read Chapter 5, page 94 – 110  |  Video Presentation: “Daniel”
SESSION 7: Wed, October 21stplease read Chapter 5, page 110 – 129  |  Video Presentation: “Revelation”
SESSION 8: Wed, October 28thplease read Chapter 6  |  Video Presentation: “Jesus and Things to Come”
Session 9: Wed, November. 4thplease read  Chapter 7  |  Video Presentation: “The Once and Future Kingdom”
SESSION 10: Wed, November. 11thplease read Conclusion, pages 196 – through appendix  |  Video Presentation: “Hope Unseen”

NOV 18

Advent Study begins!  Adam Hamilton, “Incarnation: Rediscovering the Significance of Christmas” 

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