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• Grace UMC has partnered with The Institute of Grace, its Executive Director Jean Filostin, and Rev. David Graves since 2018.
• A mission team from Grace traveled to Haiti in 2018 – including Pastor Jim Miller, his wife Betsy Miller, daughter Lauren, and Rose Hayden
• The focus of our support has been for the Merger Primary School (150+ students) and Miracia Hospital providing both school and medical supplies.
• With the civil unrest in Haiti, the planned mission trip in 2019 was canceled (“Do Not Travel “order)
• To present, Grace UMC continues its monetary support of the mission: supporting the salaries of two teachers at the school ($1,000 each), the provision of school uniforms and food for students, and shipping expenses ($1,500) for both school and medical supplies and equipment.


Robyn Wilbur is a homegrown Methodist mission volunteer living and working in Santa Rosa de Pocosol, Costa Rica.
• Prior to the global pandemic, Robyn taught English at community schools, tutored for exams, and volunteered her services at the local Senior Center.
• During the pandemic Robyn, her husband Eduardo, and daughter Kaleena have volunteered to assist food and water distribution.


Huree University was founded in 2002 through Methodist missionary outreach and now ranks in the top 10 of Mongolia’s nearly 100 universities.
• Huree is Mongolia’s only private university with a Christian orientation that focuses primarily on science and technology.
• While formal religious education is prohibited in Mongolia, many students become Christians before graduating through Christian witness of faculty and fellow students. (10% entering students/80% before graduation).
• In 2020, Grace Church sponsored a student, Erdenebulgan Udval ($1,000 in tuition/$200 hot lunch program).
• 2021-2022: In honor of former District Superintendent JW Park’s ministry, Grace is now sponsoring another student’s tuition and lunch ($1,200 Serving Budget).

MISSION MEXICO – “Give Ye Them To Eat”

Re-establishes Grace UMC’s  mission relationship with Nan McCurdy and her missionary husband Miguel Mairena.
• She and Miguel worked for over 20 years with women and youth in San Francisco Libre, Nicaragua.
• “Give Ye Them To Eat” in Puebla, Mexico is to strengthen the capabilities of marginalized people and communities to meet their basic needs, and to determine and sustain a just and integrated development process.
• They provide training in appropriate technologies, sustainable agriculture, and health so that people can improve their lives.
• Their farm and training center is in Tiancualpican (2017 earthquake).
• 2021: Nan has offered “virtual mission journey” opportunities in the form of 2 hour zoom meetings.

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